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Meet The American Digger® Staff

Butch & Charlie checking out a sword!At American Digger®, we talk the talk and walk the walk! With over eighty years of combined digging experience, don't be surprised to see one of our staff out in the woods, swinging a metal detector or waist deep in a bottle dump.

We don't just write about digging,
we actually dig!


Butch Holcombe digging! Publisher and native Georgian Butch Holcombe has over thirty years experience as a relic hunter and metal detectorist, and has written numerous metal detecting articles as well as two books documenting the adventures of digging for history. He has been known to forgo lunch to buy enough metal detector batteries to see him through the day.
Marketing Director and North Carolina native Anita Holcombe is a former columnist  for a national magazine, and discovered the world of metal detecting and digging for history four years ago.  As with most who try their hand at recovering lost history, she became hooked on the hobby immediately. Anita Holcombe with her metal detector!
Eric Garland interrupted from digging! Editorial Assistant Eric Garland of Georgia can be found on the internet when he's not out digging, in both cases looking for things related to history. Eric has been a relic hunter for over twenty years, and his experience with the technical side of publishing and printing and is helping bring American Digger® into the 21st century.
Copy Editor Wylene Holcombe of Georgia has spent most of her life proofing the works of others, and now spends her time working hard for American Digger® Magazine, making sure that the released issues are free from errors. She also does her part to make sure our offices run smoothly, and while not actually a digger, has spent a lifetime cleaning up after them. Wylene Holcombe taking a break from her computer!
Charles Harris checking out all those relics! Editorial Consultant/Chief Photographer Charles Harris is the author of the best selling Civil War Relics Of The Western Campaign, and has penned over a hundred articles related to the recovery and identification of historical artifacts. A lifetime relic hunter who still digs almost every weekend, we welcome him as a contributing editor and columnist to American Digger®.

Webmaster Pat Smith, a West Virginia  native,  hobbies include gardening, reading, sewing and a passion for genealogy and programming.   A retired  Senior Software Engineer she recently relocated from the DC suburbs to the beautiful/peaceful countryside of Walkerton, VA  Pat is  the wife of a retired 22 year Air Force veteran with whom she traveled the world.  The  mother of four, grandmother of eight and great grandmother of one Pat  is totally enjoying her retirement.  She is currently maintaining six websites from home  including  American Digger® Magazine

Pat Smith Webmaster
Teresa Harris Editorial Assistant

Editorial Assistant Teresa Harris is the wife of Charlie Harris.  She is a quality wood carver specializing in animals.  She and her husband also carved the Sea Horse (Nemo) that is now on the Chattanooga TN Carousel.  She is also a contract Travel Agent with AAA Travel, specializing in Ocean Cruises.  She says that she is not much of a relic hunter because her husband tends to lose her in the woods, but she does enjoy the Civil War history.  Teresa also specializes in the collecting of glass baby bottles dating back to the 1750's & is the historian for the ACIF (American Collectors of Infant Feeders).

Copy Editor John Velke has been dirtying up the bathroom sink with Civil War relics for 37 years. His wife claims that he “never throws anything away” and that old metal detectors are cluttering up the garage. He spends his free time visiting his five adult children and researching new locations to relic hunt.   He is also in the process of restoring a historic home in hopes of having it listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Senior Editor Bob Roach, who started off with a Metrotech metal detector, has been searching for military artifacts for over 40 years. He is retired from the Navy, and his now frequent travels overseas allow him to explore a great many old battlefields and camps, especially those from World Wars I and II. He has one son currently living in Canada, and a daughter living in Australia. The vast majority of his artifact collection was stolen in early 2008, and he has been busy trying to dig up as much as possible to replace what was lost.

Copy Editor Bill Baab was born Jan. 29, 1935 in Glenside, Pa., Baab moved to Atlanta in 1937 and to Augusta in 1940. He started collecting antique bottles in 1969 and in 2007, he and his wife, Bea, self-published “Augusta on Glass” and other bottle books later. He is a retired journalist.

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